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Introducing the BRAUMS SENSE family of capabilities

BRAUMS Sense Detect
BRAUMS Sense Count

BRAUMS SENSE is the fusion of capability + technology, now delivering modern above ground detection solutions to traffic management, roads and highway authorities and councils. BRAUMS SENSE utilises smartmicro modern above ground detection traffic sensors preserving the road-surface.

BRAUMS and smartmicro

BRAUMS delivers capability through decades of experience designing, developing and supplying high-quality traffic signal hardware, traffic controllers and accessories.


BRAUMS Sense Detect logo-colored
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smartmicro delivers technology with the most recommended radar sensor technology for above ground detection traffic sensors. Over 80 thousand sensors are already deployed globally.


BRAUMS SENSE is Smart Traffic & Intersection Management


Modern traffic sensors are capable of performing multiple roles simultaneously. Most often, replacing several single-purpose old technologies across an intersection or highway. BRAUMS defines each of these roles as ‘capabilities’. BRAUMS SENSE simply categorises the capabilities to match the most common requirements of road authorities, councils and traffic management systems.

Basic and advanced detection capabilities are grouped under BRAUMS SENSE Detect.

Counting and classification capabilities are grouped within BRAUMS SENSE Count.

Additional BRAUMS SENSE capabilities will be rolled out over the coming months, including BRAUMS SENSE Insight, delivering data, analytics and insights into your traffic management.

Ongoing development, coupled with the realisation of the power of this sophisticated technology, will continue to see new use cases and benefits being discovered as the devices are deployed globally. So far, we’ve only scratched the surface of what can be achieved with BRAUMS SENSE.

BRAUMS SENSE is the very definition of Smart Traffic & Intersection Management (STIM).

BRAUMS Sense Detect
BRAUMS Sense Detect Graphic
BRAUMS SENSE Detect utilises smartmicro traffic sensors for above ground detection of traffic through defined virtual zones over the road, where previously in-ground inductive loop detectors were embedded in the road surface – such as stop bars at intersections.
One single smartmicro traffic sensor offers up to 32 detection zones and can, for example, replace up to 32 loops. Additionally, the detection zones covered with our sensors are configured on position, size and function. Compared to in-ground systems, above-ground detection technology is easy to install on existing infrastructure. This means not only are modern above ground traffic sensors a lot more cost-efficient, smartmicro traffic sensors can also be easily reconfigured or adjusted in their position supporting on-site changes – such as adding a new bike lane.

BRAUMS SENSE Detect currently supports several capabilities, including:
  • Stop bar detection
  • Queue length
  • Light phase extension
  • Speed triggering
  • Pedestrian & Bicycle detection


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BRAUMS Sense Count
BRAUMS Sense Count Graphic

BRAUMS SENSE Count utilises smartmicro traffic sensor technology. Unlike older side firing sensors, modern smartmicro traffic sensors use multiple forward firing beams which means vehicles remain inside the field of view for much longer, their position and speed vectors are measured with higher accuracy, and better classification is achieved. BRAUMS SENSE Count, with smartmicro traffic sensors, delivers speed, volume and occupancy (SVO) data for highway counting and classification of multiple vehicle classes, including pedestrians, bikes, motorcycles, passenger cars, transporters, trucks or buses and long trucks.

Road authorities, councils and traffic management systems benefit from the SVO, count and classification real-time or historical data to make informed decisions.

Our sensors feature the most advanced multi-lane and multi-object tracking. They achieve highest detection performance, excellent counting accuracy and classification of moving and stopped traffic – no matter if the road is straight or curved.

Radar is the most robust sensing technology and is not affected by dirt, smog, sunlight, wind or sandstorms. Heavy rain and snow may only have a minor impact on the performance of the units.

BRAUMS SENSE Count currently supports several capabilities, including:

  • Traffic counting
  • Traffic classification
  • Multiple classes
  • Data analytics


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BRAUMS R2X logo-blue-transparent background-v2

Still using road impacting inductive loop technology? Consider a modern solution to your maintenance nightmare.

BRAUMS SENSE + BRAUMS R2X preserve the road surface, seamlessly linking to your existing traffic controller.

Above ground detection systems and traffic sensors, such as the smartmicro traffic sensor devices, define virtual zones over the road, where previously in-ground inductive loop detectors were embedded in the road surface – such as stop bars at intersections.

BRAUMS R2X emulates in-ground inductive loops utilised at intersections and embedded in roads and highways for a multitude of detection and measurement applications.

✔ BRAUMS R2X supports up to 4 smartmicro traffic sensors, covering complete intersections with a single device.

✔ BRAUMS R2X is expandable, providing support for up to 4 loop detector cards, managing and replacing up to 64 in-ground inductive loops.

✔ BRAUMS R2X also features configurable relays, supporting traffic light phase extension, speed triggering, and other capabilities.



BRAUMS Sense logo-colored + smartmicro-logoTraffic Sensor Range


BRAUMS and smartmicro provide traffic sensors to suit all needs. Our range of advanced above-ground traffic sensors supports short and long-range detection, narrow and wide beam detection and options for all traffic management, intersection management and road & highway management requirements.

UMRR-12 Family



  • 24GHz
  • Range up to 300m
  • 12 lane coverage
  • Update frequency <50ms
  • Mass 1575g
  • IP67
  • Supreme low light performance camera


  • 24GHz
  • Range up to 300m
  • 12 lane coverage
  • Update frequency <50ms
  • Mass 1575g
  • IP67



UMRR-11 Family



  • 24GHz
  • Range up to 180m
  • Up to 6 lane coverage
  • Update frequency <58ms
  • Mass 360g
  • IP67


  • 24GHz
  • Range up to 219m
  • Up to 4 lane coverage
  • Update frequency <58ms
  • Mass 360g
  • IP67

TYPE 132

  • 77GHz
  • Range up to 175m
  • Up to 6 lane coverage
  • Update frequency <55ms
  • Mass 274g
  • IP67
  • Medium and Long range modes

BRAUMS Sense logo-colored


type-2 post extension

40NB Post Bracket

Advanced Roll Bracket

Type 2 Post Extension


Designed and developed in Australia, BRAUMS has a range of accessories supporting the deployment of smartmicro traffic sensors.

BRAUMS has developed a bracket range for smartmicro traffic sensors to best suit existing infrastructure on Australian roads. The brackets maintain full sensor adjustability, and compatibility with smartmicro accessories such as the protective shield.

  • The extension bracket can pick up existing upper and lower mounting assemblies to easily achieve the required mounting height for the sensors.
  • The post bracket and advanced bracket suit all UMRR-12 and UMRR-11 sensors.
  • The advanced bracket offers mount ability on nonstandard post types, including roll adjustability.

Further, BRAUMS is happy to supply all smartmicro accessories, providing the most comprehensive range of shields, cables, interfaces, tools and in-cabinet equipment any deployment requires.





Protective Shields

Relay Interface

To protect the sensor radome surface from adhering rain drops, snow or ice build-up, smartmicro provides shields that can be attached to the sensor.

See product details




The Serial Relay Option (SRO) module supports any application that requires contact closures attached to the sensor. Additionally, we offer an In-Cabinet Relay Option (CRO) with the same functionality.  Both let a smartmicro radar sensor control eight hardware relays via RS485. The CRO is available for one to four sensors.

See SRO details

See CRO details

J-Box and Cables

Alignment Tools

The smartmicro Junction Box (J-Box) offers a simple and reliable way to connect our radars to any home-run cable, connecting the sensor to the cabinet. It can accommodate a wide range of cables inside a water-tight sealing and connects the cables to a terminal block. The J-Box also protects the radar from voltage surges and overvoltage.

See J-Box details

See cable details

The Electronic K-band Target Simulator Doppler Generator (EKTSDG) is battery-powered, handheld and portable. It was specifically developed to work with our 24GHz sensors and is capable of simulating a moving target in distances of up to 100m. It can be used for installation, alignment, calibration or function testing of sensors in the field or lab.

See product details

Download configuration software

Configuration Software




The simple and intuitive Traffic Management Configurator (TMC) software enables the configuration of single sensors but also entire intersections and highway installations.

The TMC Installation Wizard simplifies the planning and field installation of our sensors with an intuitive step-by-step guide. The configuration includes site planning, sensor selection and configuration as well as physically installing the device at an intersection. With one simple window for settings, and a map for better visualization, the TMC explains all user-friendly settings. It provides unique features such as "local awareness" and "guided alignment", with which our sensors directly provide feedback to the installer about where it is mounted and how well it is physically aligned to cover the area of interest.

Download TMC 3.2 (88 MB)
Supports TRUGRD, TRUGRD Stream, and all UMRR-11 models.

TMC 3.2 has been optimized for the following or newer firmware releases: 4.3.9.x, 5.3.9.x and 6.4.1.x. Older releases may require an update to work with this TMC version.

Download TMC 2.4.4 (85 MB)*
Supports UMRR-0C, UMRR-11 Type 44, UMRR-11 Type 45, and older sensor models.

*This software is protected against reverse engineering using Themida (a commercial software encryption tool). Some virus scan engines might complain. smartmicro assures that no viruses or any harmful code is contained in the TMC software provided under the link above.

Application Programming Interface (API)


The smooth interaction of different software components is essential for a successful project and the connection of your software project to smartmicro devices should be as easy as possible.

Our solution is Smart Access: Smart advanced communication control environment for smart sensors. The smartmicro Application Programmers Interface (API) provides a reliable communication stack for a wide range of environments. Its powerful and simple programming interface offers a comprehensive set of tools for sensor integration.





The BRAUMS SENSE product support team are ready to assist your project with design, deployment, configuration, and support.

Please contact us directly at our Sydney office or using the contact form below.


Phone: +61 2 9684 3300 | Fax +61 2 9684 3390

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