The New Link for Above Ground Detection to Traffic Controllers

BRAUMS is excited to announce the early release of their new product, BRAUMS R2X

BRAUMS R2X links modern above ground detection solutions and sensors to existing traffic controllers where previously in-ground inductive loop detectors were used to detect vehicle presence.

The BRAUMS R2X device negates upgrading the traffic controller or modifying the traffic controller software (personality) in compliant controllers, generally required by other interface solutions and products.


Figure 1: Production Sample of BRAUMS R2X

Australian designed, developed and manufactured

BRAUMS R2X represents the next step in the BRAUMS above-ground detection solution roadmap

Following on from the recent partnership announcement with smartmicro, where BRAUMS became the Australian distribution partner for smartmicro traffic sensor devices, BRAUMS has embarked on developing a comprehensive range of above ground detection capabilities around smartmicro devices.

“Our BRAUMS engineering team continues to innovate in the ITS space, producing high quality solutions that are adopted around the world. BRAUMS R2X is an exciting innovation that will change the way traffic authorities and city councils approach integrating new technology with existing infrastructure.”

Andrew Bull,
Founder & Managing Director, BRAUMS Pty Ltd

Why R2X logo-blue-transparent background-v2?

Above ground detection systems and traffic sensors, such as the smartmicro traffic sensor devices, define virtual zones over the road, where previously in-ground inductive loop detectors were embedded in the road surface – such as stop bars at intersections.

BRAUMS R2X emulates in-ground inductive loops utilised at intersections and embedded in roads and highways for a multitude of detection and measurement applications. As the interface between the smartmicro traffic sensor and the traffic controller, the BRAUMS R2X device receives detection data from the traffic sensor of vehicle presence in a virtual zone, transforms the information into a change in inductance, which is then measured by the traffic controller’s vehicle detector card. In simple terms, BRAUMS R2X passes smartmicro radar presence detection information seamlessly to compliant controllers.

Other detector devices interface via the external input block, often requiring changes to the traffic controller personality. Whereas the BRAUMS R2X device negates the requirement of changing the controller personality, by connecting directly to the traffic controller vehicle detector card.

forward firing

BRAUMS R2X is expandable, providing support for up to 4 loop detector cards, managing and replacing up to 64 in-ground inductive loops,

The BRAUMS R2X device features a full TCPIP stack to enable it to also act as a device server, allowing data routing over WAN, and remote configuration of the traffic sensors.

BRAUMS R2X also features configurable relays, supporting traffic light phase extension, speed triggering, and other capabilities.

BRAUMS R2X is the first of a range of innovations planned for release in 2022.

BRAUMS R2X is scheduled for release in Q1 2022 in both Australian and International markets



BRAUMS Pty Ltd delivers world-leading Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) and connected traffic management products. We are Australia’s leading LED Traffic Signal supplier, offering a variety of different traffic signal products, signalling hardware and traffic controllers. BRAUMS traffic signalling products are SCATS® & STREAMS compatible.

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BRAUMS technology and product partners enable us to provide best of breed traffic management and smart city solutions to the market. We work closely with ATC (Aldridge Traffic Controllers), part of the Yunex Traffic Group, as a distribution partner for the ATSC4 controller.

BRAUMS has strong partnerships with smartmicro (Germany), Ragni (France), Nedap (Netherlands), Mr. Fill (Netherlands), Civic Group (Ireland), Parkunload (Spain), Nicander (UK) and Swarco Group (Austria).

BRAUMS has a highly capable national and international distribution network, with long-term business partners in Ireland (Civic Group) and New Zealand (TSL), as well as agents and distributors in China, Philippines, Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, Qatar and The Middle East.

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