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parking guidance and management solutions

Modern parking solutions with market leading products and partners

BRAUMS Parking delivers custom made parking guidance (PGS) and parking management solutions to airports, parking centre operators, real estate owners, railway authorities, hotels, arenas, leisure facilities, offices, and municipalities.

Drawing on the best parking product and technologies in the market, our solutions provide best practice to manage car park occupancy, traffic congestion, and vehicle access control.

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BRAUMS is a distributor of INDECT Parking Guidance Systems (PGS). As the world’s leading parking guidance system development company, INDECT breaks the mould with innovative parking solutions and emerging technologies. With more than 20 years of experience in parking technology, INDECT is renowned for delivering parking guidance systems to customers from diverse industries such as Airports, Shopping Centres, Hotels, Universities, Councils, Hospitals and more.

Built with exceptional and intuitive design INDECT is focused on our clients’ efficiency and profitability, maximizing ROI in less time.

BRAUMS works with our customers to design and deliver parking guidance and management solutions to meet the requirements of each individual parking need.

BRAUMS project manages and installs the individual  parking guidance and management solutions for our customers for seamless trouble free roll out.

INDECT creates the world's leading parking guidance (PGS) and parking management technology.

What seems to be a simple concept of providing space for people to put their cars while traveling, shopping or entertaining themselves has now become a true experience. INDECT creates the experience that matters.

Together, BRAUMS and INDECT create the parking experience both operators and customers desire.

Parking Guidance Systems (PGS)

The joint BRAUMS - INDECT mission is to deliver a turn-key parking guidance and wayfinding parking signage solution that is tailored to optimize your parking garage needs and enhance the customer’s parking experience. When installing your parking guidance system, always specify INDECT signage and choose BRAUMS to design and deliver your solution

All INDECT parking signage is linked through their powerful, web-based software and delivers a minimum of 99% space counting accuracy. Custom signs are also available at your request.

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  • IP-65+ rating
  • Aluminium (rustproof) casing
  • Outdoor options with venting and rain cover available
  • Custom casing colours (standard is anodized aluminium)
  • LED backlit static text options
  • Customizable text/fonts and RAL colours as well as logos and images
  • LED symbols – customized symbols available
  • Fully controllable via the user interface – adjust brightness, counting steps, sign behaviour etc.
  • Ambient light sensor allows automatic adjustment depending on external light conditions
  • Settable messages to be displayed at different times
  • 3-Year warranty
  • 24v
  • RS485
  • Ethernet
  • Radio frequency
  • Cellular (2G, 3G & 4G)
  • Integrated with PARCS vendors – Contact Us for more information 


Off-Street Parking

BRAUMS' off-street parking solutions provide a more efficient, less stressful parking experience for drivers in secure, controlled parking zones, such as private complexes and multistorey car parks. We combine the most suitable products for the specific needs of each job, integrating a range of different technologies for effective parking facility optimisation.


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On-Street Parking

BRAUMS has delivered thousands of on-street parking detectors within Australia and continues to roll-out more solutions for Councils and Local Authorities. As vehicles come within range of the sensor, changes in the surrounding magnetic field occur and are detected. Each sensor continually monitors the background magnetic field to establish a base reference, allowing self-calibration. The best product is chosen for each unique situation.

  • In-ground
  • Surface mount
  • Flush mount

Detectors can be programmed onsite by using a proprietary interface module together with a notebook computer and system software, using the same interface support testing and firmware upgrading of the units.


Inground Sensor for On Street Parking

Outdoor Parking

BRAUMS proudly distributes INDECT’s ODE Outdoor Camera Detection System, designed to detect parking cars in outdoor parking lots.

The core element is a fisheye or PTZ (motorized Pan-Tilt-Zoom) camera installed on a pole or a building. Each camera monitors an allocated section rows of spaces, then communicates via WIFI where detection algorithms evaluate the space status.


  • Detection of parking cars
  • 20+ spaces with one camera, depending on space layout, position, distance and camera height
  • Controller with AI computing, controls up to 8 ODE cameras
  • PTZ or fisheye camera


Outdoor Parking Image

Vehicle Access / Traffic Management

BRAUMS recognise the requirements for secure Access Control Systems in more environments than ever, and have supplied, installed and commissioned a number of secure Vehicle Access Control systems around Australia.

For private roadways (for example, within carparks and loading docks), BRAUMS deliver to the market the new benchmark in scalable extra-low voltage Traffic Management Systems (TMS). Made possible through the combination of high-quality European technology partners, as well as local traffic engineering and experience. BRAUMS has supplied, installed and commissioned a number of systems across Australia. These systems are used in locations where the flow of traffic needs to be controlled.


Image for Vehicle Access Section


ANPR/LNPR cameras installed at the entrance and exit of a car park detect and read the licence plate passing in fornt of them. THis generates a transit containing all the metadata related to the vehicle, including plate, date, time and several more criteria based on your need to capture information. An NAPR/LNPR parking management system can be helpful for many purposes, with the  main benefits being saving time, automating processes and minimizing human effort.

BRAUMS delivers INDECT’s industry-leading car finder, parking space locator and "pay for parking" apps which set it apart from all other systems on the market.

Your customers will find the apps easy to use from their phone or from a remote kiosk typically located near the garage entrance.

These apps are attractive to your customers by reducing stress (it can guide the customer to their car directly from their phone), and they also help improve overall garage safety and security.

Image for ANPR and LNPR section

Solution Delivery

BRAUMS has the engineering strength to design your parking solution to meet your needs with our in-house mechanical and electrical engineering team. We use the same team to design our own products.

BRAUMS also has the project management and capability to install your parking solutions. We can draw on our strong nationwide partners and contractors to successfully undertake all of your civil, mechanical and electrical works.


The BRAUMS Parking product support team are ready to assist your project with design, deployment, configuration, and support.

Please contact us directly at our Sydney office or using the contact form below.

Phone: +61 2 9684 3300 | Fax +61 2 9684 3390

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