Introducing BRAUMS evCHARGE

BRAUMS proudly partners with Tritium, the world’s leading DC FAST Charger innovator to bring DC FAST Charger products into our market.

Through our experience in providing innovative, world class and reliable equipment to Australia’s large infrastructure projects, across traffic management, parking solutions, lighting and more, our move into DC FAST Charging solutions aligns perfectly with BRAUMS’ capability and our leading Contractors.


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Infrastructure – Scalable, Reliable, Safe

BRAUMS evCHARGE is powered by Tritium. Tritium’s DC Fast Charging solutions expand with your requirements. Start with a single charger and grow as you grow to multiple chargers and pooled power, with reliable and safe technology. BRAUMS’ hand-picked leading Contractors can assist with installation and commissioning to ensure your DC Fast Chargers are up and running fast.

Platform – Monetise, Monitor, Maintain

DC Fast Charger installed, now have your chargers work for you. BRAUMS can assist with the platforms you need to monetise your charger. Monetise via a range of consumer facing billing networks. Monitor remotely the performance of your charger. Maintain your charger directly or via BRAUMS and our partners.

Tritium RTM

BRAUMS evCharger RTM75

Modular, scalable, and the first of its kind

  • Modular power units that are single-person operable so they can be easily changed in the field for faster maintenance and improved uptime
  • Twin cables to simultaneously charge two EVs
  • Built for any environment, thriving in temperatures from -35°C to +50°C (-31°F to +122°F)
  • Engineered for safety, including standard cable management for hazard reduction
  • Access to real-time data
  • Custom branding
  • Configurable to 50kW or 75kW

Tritium PKM

BRAUMS evCharger PKM150

Size Today, Scale Tomorrow

  • Industry first DC microgrid design, creating a pool of shared power for the system’s chargers to access.
  • Exceed grid limits, by leveraging the pool of shared power to deliver higher charger availability and power output, with minimal capital investment.
  • Field-proven modular components for world-class reliability and serviceability.



Monetise your charger or charging network into money, through a consumer facing platform providing location services and back office billing and remote management


Bring Your Own

You may already have your own platform partner, great, simply add a new charger to your current network


Do It Yourself

You may want to handle the billing yourself, or this may be a company internal solution


Go with BRAUMS

BRAUMS can recommend a platform to best suit your needs


Monitor the performance of your charger or entire charging network remotely, including utilisation, technical performance, power consumption and pooling.

Smart City

Your Tritium DC Fast Charger includes remote access by Tritium (and their customers) to monitor and manage all installed chargers covering performance, diagnostic control and usage data.


Maintain your charger or charging network to perform at optimal levels with high availability, ensuring you exceed customer expectations.

Scheduled Maintenance

Scheduled Maintenance

Stick to the plan, perform scheduled maintenance, maintain your warranty, maximise availability

Fast Service and Repairs

Fast Service and Repairs

Be responsive, avoid customer disappointment, ensure a great reputation, enable easy feedback and problem logging, actively monitor for outages and negative trends

Maintenance Partners

Maintenance Partners

BRAUMS and our qualified partners can assist with all aspects for maintenance of your chargers


BRAUMS evCHARGE Support is there for you and your customers.

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